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Media op-eds

Asadullah, M Niaz (2022) "Gender-Equal Education Is About More Than Access" The Project Syndicate. 29 July. Republished in The Jordan Times (30 July), Kathmandu Post (1 Aug). 

Asadullah, M Niaz (2022) "Deepening the debate on gender equality and faith education" UNESCO World Education blog(forthcoming)

Asadullah, M Niaz et al  (2022) "Does access to microfinance help or hinder women’s empowerment?" WiderAngle, United Nations University, 10 March 2022

Asadullah, M Niaz, Antonio Savoia and Kunal Sen  (2022) "Effective states for sustainable development in South Asia" Global Development, 22 June 2022

Amirapu, A., Asadullah, M Niaz and Zaki Wahhaj (2022) "The threat of adolescents development from COVID-19" Oxford Policy Management10 March 2022. 

Chakraborty, T. N., Asadullah, M Niaz and Basu (2022) "Tribute to the Poetry of Nazim Hikmet" The Daily Prothom Alo, 15 January 2022 (in Bengali)

Media interviews

Nature Magazine interview: How climate change could drive an increase in gender-based violence, 15 July 2022.

The Economist  interview: New transport infrastructure helps South Asian women into work, 7 July 2022.

Business FM radio (Malaysia) interview: Why accuracy in labor statistics is important, 16 June 2022.

Business FM radio (Malaysia) interview: Why the discrepancy for Bangladeshi workers? 3 June 2022.

Business FM radio (Malaysia) interview: Should we make rest days mandatory, 6 May 2022.

The Edge Financial Daily (Malaysia) interview: Malaysia’s ratification of ILO Protocol of 2014 a good start in combatting forced labour, 4 April  

Business FM radio (Malaysia) interview: How to recover from pandemic learning loss, 18 Mar 2022.

The Edge Financial Daily (Malaysia) interview: The State Of The Nation: Collective effort necessary to eliminate malnourishment among children, 21 Mar 2022.

The Edge Financial Daily (Malaysia) interview: The State Of The Nation: Battling the silent, longer-term threats to the country’s growth post-Covid-19, 21 Mar 2022.

Astro TV (Malaysia) interview: Displaced for development (on poverty in indigenous Mah Meri communities), 4 Feb 2022.

The Daily Prothom Alo, "There are reasons to be concerned about the mega projects". 24 April 2022 (Bengali version). Re-published in South Asia Monitor (25 April 2022).

Bonik Barta, "Development isn't just GDP growth but also about improvements in living standards". 12 April 2022 (in Bengali)


Media op-eds

Asadullah, M Niaz (2021) "Southeast Asia’s migrant labor dilemma" The Project Syndicate. 24 Nov.  Re-published in 10+ national dailies:  The Japan Times (06 Dec), Channel News Asia (28 Nov), Jordan Times (27 Nov), Kathmundu Post (24 Nov), Asia New Network (24 Nov), MalaysiaKini (27 Nov), The Philippine Inquirer (6 Dec), The Sunday Times (28 Nov), CM Media (29 Nov), The ASEAN Post (24 Nov), The Daily Prothom Alo (25 Nov),  Nepal 24 Hours.

Asadullah, M Niaz (2021) Islamic Schools and Girls' Education in Indonesia - The Diplomat26 Oct.

Asadullah, M Niaz (2021) “Fostering girls' education will be challenging under a Taliban regime, but Afghanistan can learn a lot from Indonesia”, The Conversation (11 Oct).

Asadullah, M Niaz (2021) "The Rise and Roles of Religious Schools in Afghanistan", World Education Forum, UNESCO, 17 September.

Asadullah, M Niaz and Chakraborty, T. N. (2021) "Does export boom and GDP growth reduce corruption?" The Daily Prothom Alo, 15 September 2021

Asadullah, M Niaz and Rahman, Mishkat (2021) "Bangladesh at 50: Reaping the Benefits of Bottom-up Entrepreneurship " The Daily Star, 17 June.

Asadullah, M Niaz & Raj, Aaron (2021) "Poverty Policymaking During the Pandemic" New Mandala, 1 June.

Asadullah, M Niaz and Rahman, Mishkat (2021) "The Benefits of Bottom-up Entrepreneurship" The Project Syndicate, 15 June. Re-published in 10+ international outlets: The Jakarta Post (17 June), The Outlook Afghanistan (19 June), China Television Global Network (16 June), Jordan Times (15 June), Tageblatt (17 June), Business A.M. Nigeria (21 June), Daily Bonik Barta (29 June); Almendron (15 June).

Asadullah, M Niaz et al (2021) "Son preference and girls' schooling in India and Bangladesh", Dhaka Times, 24 June 2021.

Asadullah et al (2021) The Social Returns of Ending Son Bias, The Daily Monitor, 2 March

Asadullah, M Niaz et al (2021) "Using survey experiments to measure gender attitudes", LSE Global Health Initiative Blog, 15 May 2021.

Asadullah, M Niaz, MANSOOR, NAZIA, RANDAZZO, TERESA & ZAKI WAHHAJ  (2021) "The Social Returns of Ending Son Bias" The Project Syndicate, 26 February. Re-published: in Kashmir Observer (5 March), The New Times (3 March), Orissa Post (5 March), Times of Kuwait (28 Feb), Jordan Times (6 Mar), Middle East Business and Financial News (6 Mar), The Daily Monitor (2 March)

Amirapu, Amrit & M Niaz Asadullah & Zaki Wahhaj (2021) “Can the Formal Law Change Attitudes and Behaviour in the Absence of Strict Enforcement?” VoxDev CEPR Policy Portal, 8 March.

Asadullah, M Niaz et al (2021) "Measuring Gender Attitudes in Developing Countries" Global Development Network (GDN) blog, 8 March.

Asadullah, M Niaz et al (2021) "Son Preference and Girls’ Education in India and Bangladesh" UNESCO World Education blog, 8 March.

Asadullah, M Niaz et al (forthcoming) "Addressing Hidden Support for Gender Inequality" Global Development Network (GDN) blog, 18 March. 

Media interviews

Business FM radio (Malaysia) interview - "STEM is losing STEAM", 6 Dec 2021.

Business FM radio (Malaysia) interview - "Looking into how we treat our migrant workers", 2 Dec 2021.

The Economist "Bangladesh is making a serious attempt to improve its schools" 12 Nov 2021

Astro TV Malaysia "PdPR: Shift in educational responsibility", 1 October 2021

Astro TV Malaysia " PdPR: Measuring learning loss ", 1 October 2021

The Star "PdPR: How effective is it?", 12 September 2021

The Star "Family support, environment crucial for learning", 12 September 2021

The Star "Students can’t wait to be back in school", 12 September 2021 (COVER PAGE STORY)

Bonik Barta "Education disruption during COVID-19 pandemic is creating new disparities", 15 September 2021

Business FM radio live interview "Govt bans Malaysians from Australian Farm Visa scheme", 18 Oct 2021. 

The Economist "Bangladesh’s government cracks down on a big Islamist group" 29 May 2021

BBC World Business Report interview for the news story "On Bangladesh's readymade garments sector"26 Mar, 2021 

Business FM live interview "Pandemic squeeze on salary and wages" 19 July 2021.

Business FM radio live interview "Ending migrant worker abuse", 21 June 2021. 

Business FM radio live interview "On talent development: Think Long-term" 23 April 2021

Astro Awani TV Tonight show: Interviewed for the TV news story "Youth graduating into minimum wage. What is the solution?"  5th April 2021

Edge Financial Daily interview for a Special report entitled "Linking home and school with blended learning" 14 Mar 2021. 

Business FM radio (Malaysia) PODCAST interview - "Closing the Parental Divide ", 3 Feb 2021.

Bangla Tribune Interviewed for the news story "Research has shown that the desire for a son is decreasing, the reality is so?" 31 Jan 2021

Daily Prothom Alo interview for the news story Patriarchy still shapes actual fertility decision making" 26 February.

Voice of the Youth interview - Impact of covid-19 on women and girls in Asia and the pacific”, 16 Nov 


Media op-eds

Asadullah, M Niaz (2020) "From Farming to Female EmpowermentThe Project Syndicate, 25 June. Re-published in Jordan TimesEl PaisKathmandu PostEthiopia ReporterNepal 24Somaliland Sun , Global Connections for Women and China Global TV Network

Asadullah, M Niaz and Kalyani Raghunathan (2020) "Fighting Gender Inequality in India During COVID-19 PandemicThe Diplomat, 25 June. 

Asadullah, M Niaz (2020) "Is ASEAN's COVID-19 Response Leaving The Migrant Workers BehindEast Asia Forum, 21 May. Re-published in Bangkok Post (30 May).

Asadullah, M Niaz, Aulia, F. M. and Maliki (2020) "Pandemic: A Threat to Indonesia's PoorThe ASEAN Post, 26 May, 2020. 

Asadullah, M Niaz (2020) "Farming Could Empower Millions of Women in South AsiaWorld Economic Forum, 3 July.  

Asadullah, M Niaz, Aulia, F. and Maliki (2020) "Preventing Poverty Hike During COVID-19: Lessons from Indonesia". The Business Standard. 06 June. Re-published in The Finance Today (6 June).

Asadullah, M Niaz, Aulia, F. and Maliki (2020) "Without intervention, model shows COVID-19 will drag at least 3.6 million Indonesians into poverty". The Conversation. 15 May. 

Asadullah, M Niaz and Raman, Mishkatur (2020) "Migrant workers cut off from aid but public health at riskThe Edge Financial Daily, 27 April 

Asadullah, M Niaz, Maliki and Aulia, Fisca (2020) "What can Indonesia learn from past policies to prevent another poverty hike during the pandemic?", The Conversation, 15 May. 

Asadullah, M Niaz and Bhula-or, Ruttiya (2020) "Why Coronavirus Pandemic Will Worsen Inequality in ThailandThe Diplomat, 28 April. 

Asadullah, M Niaz (2020) "Research finds gender bias in textbooks of Indonesia and other Muslim majority countriesThe Conversation, 19 March, 2020. 

Asadullah, M Niaz (2020) "Poor Indonesian families are more likely to send their daughters to cheap Islamic schoolsThe Conversation, 8 March, 2020. 

Asadullah, M Niaz (2020) "Learning Crisis and Girls' Education in Afghanistan", World Education Blog, Global Education Monitoring Report, UNESCO, 09 April

Media interviews

Business FM radio (Malaysia) PODCAST interview - "Averting a Lost Generation", 27 Nov 2020.

Interviewed by the Edge Financial Daily for a Special report entitled "Population Ageing: Opportunity or Adversity? The Changing Nature of Ageing" 26 Oct 2020.

Interviewed by Free Malaysia Today for a Special report entitled "Rice and grain prices found to be most stable over last decade", October 21, 2020.

Interviewed by the Edge Financial Daily - "Complex issues in helping the poor" Weekend cover story, 06/09/2020


Interviewed by the Edge Financial Daily - "Bridging the gap between agriculture and food security" Weekend cover story, 05/07/2020

Interviewed by the Business FM - "Unemployment could hit 6% or higher", 16/05/2020

Interviewed by BBC Bengali Radio on the impact of COVID-19 on schooling and learning, 25 June 2020

Interviewed by the Edge Financial Daily. "An opportune time to reinvent Malaysia's labor market" Weekend cover story, 22 June 2020

Interview (live national TV) by Astro TV Awani "#Consider This: Contract Work - A Precarious Life?" 18 June 2020 Business FM radio (Malaysia) PODCAST morning interview - "No Entry", 21 June 2020.

Business FM radio (Malaysia) PODCAST morning interview - "3D Jobs Incompatible with the Malaysian Dream?", 20 May 2020.

Business FM radio (Malaysia) PODCAST morning interview - "COVID-19 Will Leave an Uneven Impact on Unemployment", 4 May 2020.


Media op-eds

Asadullah, M Niaz (2019) "How to achieve universal quality education", The World Economic Forum, 26 June.

Asadullah, M Niaz and Savoia, Antonio (2019) "How can Africa catch up with the world in the fight against povertyThe Conversation, 27 February. Re-published in Newstime Africa and, The News (Malawi).

Asadullah, M Niaz and Chen, Theresa (2019) "Malaysia’s student-debt crisis could cripple the economy, unless the government acts", The World Economic Forum, 26 June.

Asadullah, M Niaz and Chakravorty, N N Tarun (2019) "GDP Growth, Export Boom and Rising Corruption in BangladeshLSE South Asia Blog, 19 November.

Asadullah, M Niaz (2019) "Mind the Learning Gap" The Project Syndicate, 15 November. Republished in Kuwait Times., Azerbaijan Vision & Jordan Times.

Asadullah, M Niaz, Amin, Sajeda, Hossain, Sara and Zaki Wahhaj (2019) "Is the Law Enough to End Child Marriage?" LSE International Development Blog, 8 November.

Asadullah, M Niaz and Kambhampati, Uma (2019) "Rural Bangladeshi women: Empowerment, farming and life satisfactionLSE South Asia Blog, 11 October.

Savoia, A and Asadullah, M Niaz (2019) "Accelerating poverty reduction with stronger state capacityGlobalDev Blog, Global Development Network, 15 July.

Asadullah, M Niaz and Chen, Theresa (2019) "Asia's Student-debt Time BombThe Project Syndicate, 25 June

Asadullah, M Niaz and Wahhaj, Zaki (2019) "Early marriage and the persistence of traditional normsCEPR VoxDev, 11 March.

Asadullah, M Niaz and Savoia, Antonio (2019) "Here's how we can eradicate poverty in Africa fasterThe World Economic Forum, 04 MarchAlso in The Conversation27 February, 2019.

Asadullah, M Niaz and Savoia, Antonio (2019) "Bangladesh is booming but slide towards authoritarianism could burst the bubleThe Conversation, 1 March.

Asadullah, M Niaz and Wahhaj, Zaki (2019) "Marriage or Graduation?Rising Nepal, 21 Dec.

Media interviews

Australian ABC Radio Network interview on "student debt crisis in Asia" for the Counterpoint program "Big tech breakup" (Presenter: Former Australian Minister & Senator Amanda Vanstone), 15 July 2019

The Star (Malaysia) Interview "Hindered by data costs and access", 20 October 2019.

Business FM radio (Malaysia) PODCAST morning interview - "Coming Home with a Heightened Sense of Fairness?", 30 August 2019.

Business FM radio (Malaysia) PODCAST morning interview - "Student Debt - Treating the Symptoms or the Cause?", 27 June 2019.

Channel 24 Television Round Table Discussion on Child Marriage, 24 May 03, 2019.

Color FM Radio Talk Show on Child Marriage, 29 April 2019.


Asadullah, M Niaz and Savoia, Antonio (2018) "How can countries reduce poverty faster?The Project Syndicate, 15 November. Re-published in over 15 international outlets such as Gulf Timesthe Khaleej Timesthe ASEAN PostWorld Economic Forum (English)World Economic Forum (Spanish)the New Times (Rawanda), Times of Oman (Oman), the Outlook (Afghanistan), the Sunday Times (Sri Lanka), the Reporter (Ethiopia), LesEchoes (France), the Tehran Times (Iran), the Jordan TimesSomaliland Sun (Somalia), the Dispatch Magazine (Rawanda) and the Daily Star (Bangladesh).

Asadullah, M Niaz and Savoia, Antonio (2018) "Bangladesh's Deadly ElectionThe Diplomat, 24 December, 2018

Savoia, Antonio and Asadullah, M Niaz (2018) "Why do some countries reduce poverty faster than others?OECD Development in Transition, 26 September. Re-published by the University of Oxford, Dept of International Development (ODID) Blog (17 Oct 2018)

Asadullah, M Niaz and Fahmy, Farihah (2018) "Protecting our girls from child marriageThe Malaysian Insight, 12 October, 2018

Asadullah, M Niaz and Fahmy, Farihah (2018) "Protect girls, end child marriagesThe New Straits Times, 27 October, 2018

Asadullah, M Niaz and Joseph, Jeron (2018) "Concern over rising inequality in Sabah", The Edge Financial Daily, 06 Sep 2018

Asadullah, M Niaz and Savoia, Antonio (2018) "From MDGs to SDGs: where next for BangladeshAsia Dialogue, Asia Research Institute online magazine - The University of Nottingham, 04 Sep 2018. Re-published by the University of Oxford, Dept of International Development (ODID) Blog (20 Sep 2018)

Asadullah, M Niaz and Islam, K (2018) "Representation as important as participationThe Daily Star, 30 March

Asadullah, M Niaz and Islam, Kazi Mukitul (2018) "Gender Stereotypes in Bangladeshi, Indonesian, Malaysian and Pakistani textbooks", World Education Blog, Global Education Monitoring Report (GMR), UNESCO, 20 March

Asadullah, M Niaz (2018) Eradicating child marriageAsia Research News, 17 Jan.


Asadullah, M Niaz and Maliki (2017) "Bottling Indonesia's Gini". The Project Syndicate, 01 September. Re-published in over 10 international outlets such as The Bangkok Post (Thailand)The Sunday Times (Sri Lanka)The Jakarta Post (Indonesia)The Arab NewsFinancial Express (Bangladesh)The Strategistthe Daily Star (Lebanon) and The Kathmandu Post.

Asadullah, M Niaz, Samia Huq, Kazi Mukitul Islam, and Zaki Wahhaj (2017) "Gender stereotypes in Bangladeshi School TextbooksWorld Education Blog, Global Education Monitoring Report (GMR), UNESCO, 30 May.

Asadullah, M Niaz and Zaki Wahhaj (2017) "Mending Bangladesh's Garment Industry". The Project Syndicate, 01 May. Re-published in Times of Oman , The Jordan TimesLa Nacion (Spain), the New Dawn (Libera), and the Himalayan Times

Amin, Sajeda, Asadullah, M Niaz, Hossain, Sara and Zaki Wahhaj (2017) "Cash transfers to end child marriage: The Indian Experience". Ideas for India, 10 April.

Amin, Sajeda, Asadullah, M Niaz, Hossain, Sara and Zaki Wahhaj (2017) "A Blueprint for Ending Child Marriage". The Project Syndicate, 07 March. Republished in 7 languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Italian, Somali, Spanish) and re-published in 19 outlets such as The World Economic Forum, The Gulf TimesTimes of Oman and the Khaleez TimesThe Daily Star (Lebanon), The Times Kuwait and The Daily Star (Bangladesh). 

Asadullah, M Niaz, Wahhaj, Zaki, Amin, Sajeda and Hossain, Sara (2017) "Bangladesh's new child marriage law swings in the wrong directionThe Conversation, 08 March. Re-published in The WireSouth Asia JournalThe ScrollThe Mecca Post, and, The Huffington Post.


Asadullah, M Niaz (2016) "Dhaka Cafe Attack: Don't Blame Private Education for Radicalisation in BangladeshThe Conversation (Australia), 03 Aug 2016. Re-published by The Daily Star and Asia News Network (ANN), 07 Aug 2016

Asadullah, M Niaz  et al (2016) "Jeffrey Sachs on meeting the Sustainable Development Goals: 'We need a victory of ideas'" The Conversation Global, 17 October 2016. Re-published in The Huffington Post and The Wire.

Asadullah, M Niaz & Zaki Wahhaj (2016) "Marriage instead of GraduationDevelopment and Cooperation D+C, 03 Aug 2016

Asadullah, M Niaz (2016) "Terrorism: Look beyond private schoolsDevelopment and Cooperation D+C,  28 July 2016

Op-ed published in LSE South Asia Blog "Social attitudes that view female child marriage as a means of protecting respectability need to change" 27 July 2016 (with Zaki Wahhaj)

Op-ed article in The Centre for the Study of African Economies (CSAE) blog, Oxford University, "Ending early marriage in Bangladesh and Uganda" 14 July 2016 (with Abdul Alim and Fathema Khatun of BRAC). Re-published in BRAC blog 12 July 2016, BRAC Newsletter, and The New Age, 07 Aug 2016.

Op-ed article in World Institute of Development Economics Research (WIDER) blog, "Ending child marriage and closing the education gap" 12 July 2016 (with Abdul Alim and Fathema Khatun of BRAC). Re-published in The Independent (Bangladesh) 10 Aug 2016.

Op-ed article in BDNews24 "Child marriage in Bangladesh" 16 April 2016 (with Zaki Wahhaj, University of  Kent).

Op-ed article in Open Democracy "What is driving the increase in child marriage in Bangladesh?" 7 April 2016 (with Zaki Wahhaj, University of  Kent).  Re-printed in The New Age, 11 April 2016.

Article in Development and Cooperation D+C "Minimum Wage Attracts Girls to Factories" 3 Jan 2016 (with Zaki Wahhaj, University of  Kent). Re-printed in Dhaka Tribune, 10 January 2016.


Article in the Diplomat "Vietnam's PISA Surprise" 01 Nov 2015 (with D Perera, Monash University).  Re-published in Bangkok Post and Young Lives Blog of Oxford University.

Op-ed in the Daily Star "Sustaining Women's Literacy and SDGs", 13 September 2016  (with Zaki Wahhaj, University of  Kent). Re-published in Asia News Network, Bangkok.

Op-ed in the Daily Star "Child Marriage Law and Freedom of Choice" 29 August 2015 (with Zaki Wahhaj, University of  Kent). 

Article on BRAC blog "Delaying Marriage, Educating the Next Generation" 26 July 2015 (with Abdul Alim and Fathema Khatun).

Article in Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) Blog "Learning crisis in South Asia" 27 March 2015. (re-published in Dhaka Tribune 04 Sep 2015)

Article on BRAC blog "In school but not learning" 5 March 2015 (with Abdul Alim and Fathema Khatun).

Op-ed in The East Asia Forum (EAF) "Bangladeshi politicians should keep hands off Grameen Bank" 9 Jan 2015 (with Zaki Wahhaj, University of  Kent). Re-published in BDnews24 21 Jan 2015.


Article in Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) Blog "Pathways to Development" 5 Dec 2014 (with Antonio Savoia, University of  Manchester). Re-published in The Daily Star, 12 Dec 2014; Development@Manchester blog in 15 Dec 2014 and Effective States and Inclusive Development Research (ESID) Centre blog, Jan 15, 2015; The IndependentBD 10 Aug 2015

Feature article in The Diplomat "Saving Grameen Bank, Sustaining the Bangladesh Paradox" 6 Dec 2014 (with Zaki Wahhaj, University of  Kent). Re-published in Dhaka Tribune 24 Dec 2014.

Op-ed in The East Asia Forum (EAF) "Managing Malaysia's Education Crisis" 5 Dec 2014. Re-published in The Malaysian Tribune5 December 2014, The Edge (Malaysia) 15 December 2014 and The Establishment Post 20 Dec 2014.

Op-ed in World Economic Forum "Closing the Gender Gap in the Developing World" 4 Nov 2014 (with Zaki Wahhaj, University of  Kent)

Op-ed in World Bank South Asia Blog "No Magic Bullet to Close the Gender Gap" 4 Nov 2014 (with Zaki Wahhaj, University of  Kent)

Op-ed in Korea Herald (South Korea) "Gender gap in education is result of policy priorities", 16 Oct 2014

Article in The Straits Times (Singapore) "An education in gender equity", 14 Oct 2014

Opinion piece in The Conversation (UK) "Nobel Peace Prize win for Malala and Kailash is a beacon of hope for children's rights", Oct 10, 2014. Re-published by on Oct 12, 2014 (with Zaki Wahhaj, University of  Kent)

Op-ed in New Straits Times (Malaysia) "Perspective: Female schooling under threat", 12 Oct 2014

Opinion piece in The Conversation (Australia) "Gender equity in schools in Muslim countries: it can be done", 13 Oct 2014.  Republished in CSAE (Centre for the Study of African Economies) blog, University of Oxford, 20 Oct 2014 & The Daily Star, Oct 25, 2014 & Dhaka Tribune, 2 Nov, 2014 & on Nov 8, 2014.

Op-ed in East Asia Forum (Australia) Will India’s social development stagnate under Modi?, July 1, 2014. Re-published by The Daily Star and on July 2, 2014; Indian Council on Global Relations on July 3, 2014

Op-ed in (Bangladesh), Measuring graduate unemployment, May 1, 2014

Op-ed in the Daily Star (Bangladesh), Is graduate unemployment rate really 47%? May 1, 2014

Op-ed in Dhaka Tribune (Bangladesh), Looking East, March 3, 2014.
Re-published in 
The Daily Star, March 5, 2014.

Op-ed in the Daily Star (Bangladesh), Quality Education for All, Feb 11, 2014.
Re-published in 
The New Nation, Feb 21, 2014

Op-ed in (Bangladesh), Development Billboards: Numbers Don't Lie, or Do They?, Dec 10, 2013. Re-published in The New Age, December 12, 2013

Op-ed in (Bangladesh), A League of Our Own, September 2, 2013. Re-published in The New Age, September 4, 2013


Op-ed in the Daily Star (Bangladesh), Hartal Politics and Examination Results, August 07, 2013

Op-ed in the Hindu (India), Still in the Last Row, June 29, 2013 (with Uma Kambhampati, University of  Reading)

Op-ed in the New Age (Bangladesh), The Politics of Education Statistics, May 25, 2013

Op-ed in the Daily Star (Bangladesh), Female Schooling in Bangladesh, Sep 17, 2008 (with Nazmul Chaudhury)

Op-ed in the Daily Star (Bangladesh), Among the Scholars: An Update, Aug 16, 2005

Media coverage & interviews, 2018-2013

The race between human capital and technology. Part 1Part 2Part 3.  IBEST Public Lecture. Dec 10, 2018.  

The Star
Income inequality symptom of educational inequality, Oct 24, 2018. 

The Edge,
The Growing Wealth Gap: A Fate We Can't Afford,  November 16, 2017.

Al JazeeraCan madrassas help developing countries?, March 13, 2014. 

Bangladesh achievements may appear as development puzzle, News Today, Nov 11, 2013. 

Kudos for Bangladesh's progress, Financial Express, Nov 11, 2013.

Bangladesh's progress and future challenges, BDNews24, Nov 09, 2013.

HSC pass rate, GPA 5 down this year, Dhaka Tribune, August 3, 2013.

THE LEARNING CURVE - Primary level education, The Daily Star, 5 March 2013

Improve governance to maintain growth, The Daily Star, December 2011

Madrasa teachers mostly untrained, The Daily Star, 11 August 2010

WB recommends raising quality of madrasas, BDnews24, 10 Aug, 2010

Govt. mulls to bring Qoumi madrasa education close to the mainstream, Priyo.News, Aug 2010